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Help Feed Thousands with Reach Out

You can participate by sponsoring one of our major donors in the program to contribute to over $3,000,000 in groceries each month for families, seniors, and students in the south bay.

If you would like to become a donor and contribute to our growing efforts of feeding over 146,000 families a year, you can, by tapping the button below.


Our Donors & Sponsors

Growing a Stronger Community Together

Planting the seeds of a better tomorrow takes the same amount of effort as it would to spread the joy of laughter with a loved one. We are eager to share the moment!

The same goes for our food distribution program. We are eager to provide FREE groceries for families each week through donations, and sponsors to combat food insecurity in our area where 1 in 4 children don't know where their next meal may be coming from.

Current supporters of the program include the San Jose Earthquakes, Grocery Outlet, and Cinelux Theaters. Their contributions help feed thousands of families in the Santa Clara County, and we encourage those who can participate, tap the button below to know more.


Our Commitment

When our donors contribute to combat the fight against hunger in our communities, they're helping over 146,000 families a year. A fact, we should not have to face in our beloved city.

Reaching Out is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax deductible, and are greatly appreciated by the public's support.

Become a donor with Silicon Valley's
#1 Charitable Cause

  • $41,412,000 in food distributed throughout 2020
  • Over 3,000 families, seniors, and students served each week
  • Register to become a donor today with the Reaching Out Center food distribution program today

See how Reaching Out Center makes a difference in our community


"I didn't know that kindness could feel that good."

"I have volunteered at Reaching Out for over 25 years and have never tired of loving people and lending a hand. No one can believe I am 86 years young and still going strong. I think it keeps me young."

Gloria P.

Are You Ready To Make a Difference?

Becoming a part of something bigger than that of ourselves is a calling made by many, and sought by the brave few. Only by making a difference in the world are we truly able to be in touch with not not only one another, but the true kindness that lives in each on of our hearts. The groceries distributed to participants of the program are made possible by donations, and the volunteers that have taken up their calling with us here each week at Reaching Out Center. Join us today!

Here Are The Ways You Can Donate

Step 1:
Donate Directly Online

If you wish to donate, we have secure online contribution options for donors to choose from

Step 2:
Sponsor One of
Our Donors

Corporate donors sponsor our program each year, and participants can contribute to their cause

Step 3:
Become a Reaching Out Donor

You can become a corporate sponsor in our program and contribute to our program


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