Our Mission
Help Feed Santa Clara County

“Help us to care about those that no one else cares for, help us to hear the cry that no one else is hearing and help us to see the hurt nobody else is noticing.”

– Kenny Foreman

What Began 50 Years Ago...

Over 50 years ago, our founder spoke these words at the dedication of our building, and they are still very relevant today. 

Sadly, hunger is not a new problem in the Santa Clara Valley. Over thirty-five years ago a group of women saw a need and made the decision to help.

Their first efforts involved a closet at the Cathedral of Faith. They began by handing out staples such as beans, rice and bread.

As the need grew, the pantry expanded into modular units and then in 1993, the Reaching Out Center was built. At 16,000 square feet, it was a state-of-the-art warehouse fully dedicated to the distribution of groceries to feed the hungry.

in Servicing
The Community

In 2011, a fulltime director was hired and Reaching Out provided 2.5 million dollars' worth of groceries for the first time that year.

Nine years later, that number has increased to over 15 million dollars’ worth of groceries annually.

While serving 45 thousand families, over 152 thousand individuals, in four locations which include San Jose, Milpitas, Morgan Hill and Gilroy, it has carried on the vision first started in that long-ago closet. 

Silicon Valley's
#1 Charitable Cause

  • $41,412,000 in food distributed throughout 2020
  • Over 3,000 families, seniors, and students served each week
  • Donate online, or register to become a donor with Reaching Out Center

This is how it works.

Fill-Out Our Online Form

Those who wish to register, and become recipients in the program must apply online or in person with a photo I.D. and present a utility bill with the correct address on it. Eligibility is available to participants who are in need.

Receive Instructions

Once you have registered online you will receive an email with further instructions and available pick-up dates.
Participants must confirm their date of pick-up at least 7 days prior to their arrival on to the campus.

Arrive on Pick-Up Date

Please arrive on the designated pick-up date you have been assigned.
Obey all traffic safety rules, and instructions upon your arrival so we may help load your food quickly and safely into your vehicle.


When you arrive, one of our volunteers will direct you to move your vehicle in a line to be checked-into the system. Please have your photo I.D. ready to be checked by one of our volunteers.

Receive Your Groceries

Once a loading station is available, you will be directed by a volunteer to proceed. Once parked in the loading station open your trunk, and a volunteer will load your groceries into the vehicle for a no-touch process.

Our Food Distribution Center Helps Families in Santa Clara County

We welcome those in our community to participate in our program. Whether as recipients or volunteers we enjoy seeing the love being lived out each week. Make sure to find out how you can join The Reaching Out Center today.

Warehouse Center

Founded in 1981 out of a church closet, the program now operates from a 16,000 foot distribution complex. Food distribution is offered twice a week at the Cathedral of Faith campus.

Every Wednesdays
 & Thursdays 
from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Streamline Food Distribution

Food is distributed through an online registrations, and check-in system for participants of the program. Groceries are loaded directly into the vehicle for a contactless process.

Pick-up dates are issued monthly via email. Confirmation from participants is available for 7 days before the actual pick-up date.

Volunteer & Community Outreach Programs

Volunteers are welcome to participate in the wonderful experience of giving back to our community at large. We encourage the support of all who are willing to volunteer their time, and charitable contribution to the program.

To support our cause, please click here.

See how Reaching Out Center makes a difference in our community


"I didn't know that kindness could feel that good."

Wow I thought I was going to get (just a bag of groceries) and I got sooooooo much more. I got meat, eggs, bread, snacks for my children’s lunch, and a whole lot of smiles and encouragement. They even took my groceries to my car. I didn’t know that kindness could feel that good.

Sonja M.

Are You Ready To Make a Difference?

Becoming a part of something bigger than that of ourselves is a calling made by many, and sought by the brave few. Only by making a difference in the world are we truly able to be in touch with not not only one another, but the true kindness that lives in each on of our hearts. The groceries distributed to participants of the program are made possible by donations, and the volunteers that have taken up their calling with us here each week at Reaching Out Center. Join us today!

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