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Donations to our program help feed over 3,000 families, seniors, and students each week in the south bay.

Your contribution gives hope to many in our local community, and provides what we at times can take for granted. Food to nourish, and feed our families.

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If you wish to donate, we have secure online contribution options for donors to choose from

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Corporate donors sponsor our program each year, and participants can contribute to their cause

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You can become a corporate sponsor in our program and contribute to our program

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When it started over 40 years ago out of a church closet, the need to help our local community has been the sole focus of our program. In 2020, we helped feed over 146,000 families in the Silicon Valley. We encourage donors to choose from one of our available resources to participate in the food distribution program.

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Your donation today can help feed families, students, and seniors in our local community and throughout San Jose, CA.
Reaching Out is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated by the public's support.

If you are a corporation that would like to discuss matching or if you are a donor that would like to give monthly please contact management direct at

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Our Donors & Sponsors

Donors Coming Together

Some of the biggest supporters of our program come together under the common goal of helping the south bay residence in need of a helping hand, receive everything they need to nurture their families.

Current supporters of the program include the San Jose Earthquakes, Intel, and Cinelux Theaters. Each month they contribute, and support our food distribution program that helps feed thousands in Santa Clara County.


Donor Programs and Benefits

  • You can sponsor one of our donors contribution to the program like Intel, or VSARP, and make an even bigger impact with your donation.
  • Corporate sponsors can help our donors achieve maximum charitable contributions through their employees efforts as volunteers.
  • Your company can sponsor a donors event, and receive the 100% company tax write-off benefit for your contribution.

Our Commitment

When our donors contribute to combat the fight against hunger in our communities, they're helping 1 in 4 children who face food insecurity in our area. A fact, we should never have to face in our beloved city.

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  • $41,412,000 in food distributed throughout 2020
  • Over 3,000 families, seniors, and students served each week
  • Register to become a donor today with the Reaching Out Center food distribution program today

"I used to be on the other side of the counter receiving food, now I am on this  side giving out food. What a joy it is to serve here at Reaching Out."

Francis D.

Are You Ready To Make a Difference?

Becoming a part of something bigger than that of ourselves is a calling made by many, and sought by the brave few. Only by making a difference in the world are we truly able to be in touch with not not only one another, but the true kindness that lives in each on of our hearts. The groceries distributed to participants of the program are made possible by donations, and the volunteers that have taken up their calling with us here each week at Reaching Out Center. Join us today!